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The 10th anniversary celebration of COT TELECOM
Views£º406time Date£º8/29/2018

The 10th anniversary celebration of COT TELECOM.

On May 1st , 2018, the 10th anniversary celebration of Shenzhen COT TELECOM was held in Shenzhen Wuzhou guesthouse hotel.Ten years of wind and rain, ten years of spring and autumn. For ten years, I am grateful all my life. Looking back over the past ten years, we reap joy and feel happiness. Looking forward to tomorrow, we cultivate our ideals and sow our hope. Tonight, we gather together to talk about the joy of struggle, tonight, we laugh, celebrate the joy of harvest.

Today, we are gathered on the stage of Shenzhen COT TELECOM to celebrate the birthday of 10th anniversary.

Let's once again extend a warm welcome to the leaders and guests of the party. Tonight is a special day for all of us. Let's cheer together for the birthday of Shenzhen COT TELECOM : Happy Birthday.

On the celebration, boss of COT TELECOM speak as follow£º

1, improve the quality system and strengthen the management of quality system operation. In-depth training for all levels of personnel, strive to make all levels of leadership skilled to support laws and regulations, quality system documents and company management system; operators understand laws and regulations, quality system documents, skilled to support the process hygiene, production management system and operational skills.

2, the output and sales of products go to a higher level, but production and sales remain unchanged. Increase product after-sales service strength, improve customer satisfaction rate.

3, the quality of products is further improved, so that products that have not been tested or failed to be tested are not allowed to leave the factory.

4, if conditions permit, strive for new products.

The development of the company is inseparable from the support and help of leaders at all levels. In the future work, we hope that leaders at all levels can give more guidance. We will seriously accept and correct the suggestions and suggestions for you. Thank you!


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