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2017 year-end sales conference held in Kempinski Hotel
Views469time Date8/29/2018

   2017 year-end sales conference held in Kempinski Hotel.

   On January 30, 2018, the company held a year-end meeting, and time flew by. Looking back on the past year's work, all the people in our company have made considerable achievements under our leadership. At the end of the year, many of our colleagues won the company's awards. Maybe these results were not too brilliant, but overall, these are the results we have achieved, and also our progress. For the past year, it has been an extraordinary year. The operation of the company has made great progress, which is the result of our efforts, but also to avoid a lot of mistakes.

   We worked together to achieve our common goals, just as during the exhibition, we worked overtime together, finances overtime, offices overtime to sign contracts, and sales overtime to order for our customers in order to improve the company's external image. At the same time, the managers accompany us, working overtime and eating together until we finish our work. How warm it was at that moment.

   When we encounter difficulties in our work, we always work together to solve problems. In the case of urgent problems, other colleagues, regardless of each other, actively help do some copying, printing, copying or nailing work within their power. When our clerk goes out to work, other colleagues will help him answer the phone, receive guests, sign contracts and so on. It is in such an atmosphere of solidarity and mutual help that we have accomplished one task after another.

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