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Cot Telecom sign contract with government company of 4G products
Views324time Date8/29/2018

On 2015 08th , 12Cot Telecom sign contract with government company 4G products

On 2015 08th , 12, the company and Shenzhen Telecom held the signing ceremony of the 4G communication products project at the company headquarters.

At the signing ceremony, the leaders of the two sides expressed the great value of the cooperation. The signing marked the beginning of large-scale strategic and strategic cooperation. Our company will strictly implement the contract, through this cooperation as a starting point, multi-level, multi-angle consideration and long-term strategic cooperation with telecommunications, to achieve win-win situation, but also for the friendship between the two sides to lay a solid foundation. At the same time, the cooperation between the two sides is of great significance to the development of the two enterprises, and will become a glorious piece in the history of bilateral cooperation.

In order to ensure that social wealth is not wasted, better and more reasonable allocation of high-quality resources, after a comprehensive comparison and inspection of a number of group companies, our company stands out. Our company is not only strong in strength, rich in business operation experience, but also has strategic vision and ambition. Therefore, we must cooperate with each other and operate the strategy of this traditional project. Customers have always believed that cooperation with our company is the most sensible choice. I believe our company will achieve brilliant results.

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